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Terms & Conditions


Selfie Rewards Promo

Period: March – April 2020


  • Only 1 promo is redeemable per client


Entry Rules:
  • In order to enter/participate and claim the free gift, the user must create their content during their appointment. This can be done while they wait, during their treatment, or after their treatment.
  • Content must be themed in a positive light. No negative reviews/testimonials or photos/video with a negative tone, use of profanity, obscene hand gestures, content of a sexual nature etc will be accepted.
  • Proof of content must be shown to owner by staff
  • The content must also be sent to the Beauty Professional’s Facebook Page via a direct message or can be emailed to specials@beautyprofessionals.co.za
  • The gift is dependant on the type of treatment and will be decided by the owner
  • Gifts will only be given upon receipt of content.


  • As per T’s & C’s found on website Privacy Policy, for any competitions or promotions whereby the user takes part by providing Beauty Professionals with their own content (i.e selfies / testimonials / videos) as per entry rules, the user thereby consents to the use of such content on Beauty Professionals’ various social media profiles and channels and for use in marketing.*


  • *Withdrawal of consent for particular competitions and promotions whereby content was received and gifts already given to users/contestants will only be possible upon return of any physical gifts that are unopened and in good condition, no later than 10 days. Gifts that were additional treatments or discounts that have not yet been redeemed will be made invalid upon withdrawal of consent.
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