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“As the skin is a formula, it shall be possible to reproduce it”. Wise words by Pierre Jules Augé, founder of PIER AUGÉ.



For over 50 years, PIER AUGÉ have strived to only select the best active ingredients such as Hp DNA, Hyaloronic Acid, Aquaporins, Bifidus, Fluoridated Oils etc.



PIER AUGÉ designs tailor-made treatments and products which meet the needs of each skin type.


“Give back to the skin what belongs to it” – Pierre Jules Augé


PIER AUGÉ products give a true feeling of well-being to your skin thanks to their unique and exclusive concept: “BASE DERGYL”.

BASE DERGYL: By reproducing the skin formulae it provides the skin all the elements that it is made of. Proteins, Lipids, Water and Vitamins.



Awarded by the French Research organizations such as OSEO/ANVAR and the CNRS and recognized by beauty professionals worldwide, PIER AUGÉ products provide unique treatments for visible and exclusive results.

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